Presenting “Villa del Sol Ponente …”


Unrestricted views of the Pacific Ocean were woven into the design of this house. Every room takes advantage of the view and the natural flow of light. Villa del Sol Ponente exudes a strength and stature through simple and modern design, softened and enthused with warmth through the use of natural elements – stone, water, and light. Each of these elements have been carefully crafted using skilled workmanship and cutting edge technology.

This home features a seamless and open floorplan; computerized systems to monitor heating, cooling and lighting; superbly insulated building envelopes to maximize energy efficiency; seismic stairwells and interior walls; passive solar strategies deliver eco-friendly home environments; and state-of-the-art home theatres and audio systems.

This home is serene and very beautiful. Tuscan Developments felt proud and privileged to be asked to build this home.