We will build whatever you want. We are a full service - licensed - general contractor.

Whether you hire us to build a deck, renovate a kitchen, add a second floor addition or build a brand new home - it all starts with proper planning. We manage the entire process from complete design plans and structural engineering to budget control. We love what we do - from the foundations to the finishing detail.


Planning is the most important part of what we do together. We write down your "dream list" and we will prioritize the work to be done to ensure we stay within your budget. Then we draw it, plan it and take all the stress out of the process for you.

You can have it all. We will do it for you!

Rejuvenate an old home or build a new one!

We will design and build whatever you want. You are only limited by your imagination. From beautiful kitchens to classic wine cellars, from infinity swimming pools to tranquil gardens.


Sometimes the city is really helpful and supportive, which is generally the case. They just take a really long time (months).

So whilst you are excited about getting going, the City will only issue your permits after the time consuming, bureaucratic dotting of "i's" and crossing of "t's".

Tuscan Development's will seamlessly manage all your permitting requirements.

To get started the City generally requires a new property survey and various professional reports. The sooner we initiate this process the sooner we can be permitted.


Scheduling of the different people who work on different aspects of the construction process is quite a juggling act. You need different people at different times. The electrician cannot start until the framer is finished. The plumber often needs to change what the framer did because he can't fit his pipes.

So things get held up sometimes!

To prevent this, we take charge of the entire project. The more time you spend planning and working with us - the more accurate your budget will be, the easier it will be to get permits and scheduling should be painless.


Planning and constant re-evaluation are the essence of Tuscan's success in controlling costs and staying on schedule.

When you choose Tuscan Developments, we provide bi-weekly Budget Reports and meet with you each week to discuss our progress and all on-site improvements; this open and constant communication with you and all members of the Team ensures your construction is completed on TIME, on BUDGET, and will be BEAUTIFUL.